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Stock motifs

  Below is a complete listing of type faces we have available for your label design. Type faces marked with an asterisk (*) can be printed as an outline, solid, or outline with fill as shown by the star examples on the Stock Motif Page to create more interesting or diversified typographic effects. Some typestyles are available in bold, italic and bold italic in addition to the regular weight.

  Examples of each are shown when available. Please remember to indicate the specific style on your label drawing. We've shown most type faces in both Upper & Lower case and CAPITALS. Most scripts, plus some other typestyles, are unreadable set all capitals. Those are noted. Because of space limitations, we can't show the entire alphabet for each type face. Call (503) 234-1054, and we'll fax up to three type face alphabets at a time. Sorry, printing your company name or creating a proof would require placing an order.

Typestyles page 1
Typestyles page 1

Typestyles page 2

Stock motifs
  All images on the next two pages are in stock and may be used to enhance your label design. Motifs marked with (*) can be printed using, (a) just the outline, (b) as a solid or, (c) as an outline with a fill color as demonstrated by the star design below. Motifs marked with (#) could have a second color added selectively for emphasis. We've shown examples of that below, such as CUSHION 088 or BERRY 243. Motifs shown with a second print color here do not AUTOMATICALLY come with a second color, but are shown as examples of what can be done. All other motifs (such as TREE 061) can be printed in one color only.

  All motifs can be rotated to any angle, sized as needed or reversed (mirrored) to suit your special label design. Please use the number along with the name when specifying motifs on your order. Not doing this could cause confusion.

  As you can see, we have a lot of flexibility. If you need help figuring out what you want, please call and discuss it with our Customer Service personnel. They can help make sure your order arrives here with no questions to be asked, which could delay your order.

Motifs Outline

Motifs Line 1
Motifs Line 2
Motifs Line 3e Motifs Line 4
Motifs Line 5
Motifs Line 6
Motifs Line 7
Motifs Line 8
Motifs Line 9
Motifs Line 10
Motifs Line 11
Motifs Line 12
Motifs Line 13
Motifs Line 14
Motifs Line 15
Motifs Line 16
Motifs Line 17
Motifs Line 18
Motifs Line 19
Motifs Line 20
Motifs Line 21
Motifs Line 22
Motifs Line 23
Motifs Line 24
Motifs Line 25

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